Have a Lovely Weekend!

gotland cottage sweden

Hey friends! How are you?! I have another week in Gotland. I am trying to figure out my travel plans today and catch up on some paperwork drudgery. I am looking forward to this weekend, hanging out with my lovely new Gotland friend, Maria to experience All Hallow’s Eve in Sweden! She’s been the sweetest hostess here and her shop is lovely. I’ll be showing you more of it soon. What are you all up to? Here are a few recent, Frolic! posts, should you care to peruse. Have a lovely time this weekend.

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A Cottage in Gotland

gotland kitchen flowers teapot

I came to Sweden to volunteer on an organic tomato farm, The farm was incredible, the people really sweet, and the work incredibly satisfying, but in a lot of ways it just wasn’t a good match for me at this point in my trip. I left the farm not knowing where I was going or where I would sleep that night. There were no buses that day so I hiked a mile out of the farm and then hitchhiked to the nearest train station. Honestly, it was a pretty invigorating and freeing experience to leave. I always try to find the best in situations. I hate to quit anything so I stick it out as long as I can. But I’ve learned there’s really no reason to trap yourself. I came on this trip to get away from that suffocating feeling that for me the rat race creates. So, I left. I was so happy to have seen the farm, been able to garden there, and to meet the incredible volunteers but I knew leaving was right for me. I spent a few days in Stockholm getting my bearings and searching for a place to live. I found the sweetest off-season cottage in Gotland. I have always wanted to come here. I even have a Pinterest board about my imaginary Gotland cottage and the life that goes with it. I found the place pretty quickly and the owner needed an answer straight away because they were leaving to go out of town so I just went for it! I spent the first week just hibernating like crazy, so happy to be on my own again, have my own kitchen, and my own space. I started making bread, and soup, foraging for apples, and filling the cottage with flowers. It felt like I’d been given a million dollars! This is a little corner of the kitchen. I love going for walks to the sea, through the forest. I live far away from everything so I walk and take the bus. This type of lifestyle really forces you to slow down and be in the moment, to be resourceful and use what you have around you. No need to rush around. I am engaged with life, but in all the ways I want to be.

Photo: Chelsea Fuss.

Favorites from Avenue 32

jw anderson striped top


I am pleased to partner with London-based, Avenue 32 today to share some of my favorite pieces from their gorgeous online shop. Made from 100% cotton, this structured, cap sleeve blouse by J.W. Anderson, a designer from Northern Ireland, pairs beautifully with simple black jeans.


floral skirt jw anderson


Made in the UK, this quintessentially English floral skirt offers a vintage-inspired look with a fresh twist. I absolutely adore this skirt paired with heels and a baggy sweater for fall. I’ve been dreaming of dressing up lately after a summer of farm stays and this is just the sort of outfit I’ve been thinking about!

blue scarf

How gorgeous is this blue print lace scarf? Add a sweet, floral touch to a jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket ensemble by adding this scarf. I am kind of obsessed with it! I always love pieces that remind me of something I might find in my grandmother’s closet.


cire trvdon candle


One winter a friend gifted me a Cire Trvdon candle and I looked forward to lighting this fragrant candle every evening during the dark days of winter. The packaging makes it an instant gift for a loved one who enjoys candles and a bonus is that the container is hand-blown glass, making a lovely vase after the candle runs out. Made in France.


italian sweater striped charcoal jw anderson


I am so in love with this entire ensemble! The striped wool sweater comes from Italy and is another genius design by J.W. Anderson (skirt + boots). The Avenue 32 website is incredibly inspirational if you are looking for outfit ideas. I adore the sale section and checking into their magazine to peek at fashion show’s and other lovely inspirations. Their roster of designers is incredible and includes some of my favorites like A.P.C.

Avenue 32 Shop



All photos courtesy of Avenue 32. This post was sponsored by Avenue 32.

pressed flowers and their stories


pressed flowers and their stories frolic 3

frolic pressed honeysuckle

Here is a little peek into my travel journal. I’ve haphazardly been pressing flowers here and there on my trip, stuffing them into my travel journal. I write down the stories about where and when I picked them onto scrap pieces of paper. These are just a few.

1. Rowan Flower: Somerset. September 2014. Wandering on the footpath I nearly got trampled by a gang of spotted cows running after me.

2. Poppy: 29 June. Grand Fougeray, France. 2014. Weeding the potager, I happened upon a patch of poppies and cut them for our picnic under the umbrella.

3. Honeysuckle: September 18, 2014. Somerset. Walking through Bruton after my Mick Jagger look-alike cab driver dropped me off. He told me about the girlfriend who left him in Las Vegas and the airplane he just bought with a friend.