Indigo Beach Dreams with Anna Joyce

beach picnic indigo
I am so excited to share the new Anna Joyce collection, West Wind! Shot in Manzanita, Oregon, her new look book features her indigo quilt, wall-hanging, linen runner, and hand-painted accessories. Please enjoy a 20% discount with the code FROLIC20 until August 11th both at her Etsy shop (international shipping) and her online web shop.

indigo beach

indigo quilt girl beachindigo dyed


black triangle napkinds


indigo wall hangings
hand painted jewlerylinen runner indigo
Products by Anna Joyce. Photos: Lisa Warninger. Prop styling: Chelsea Fuss. Model: Kara Jean Caldwell. Assistance and support: Victory Maldonado. Special thanks to Seven Sisters Portland, and Madewell, Elliot Found, and Michelle at Sunday Peaches for the beautiful props and clothing.

Simple Seaside Home

beach cottage
Join me for a tour of this adorable seaside cottage on the coast of Washington State. Long-time Frolic! reader, Maura, shared her special home with myself and some of my favorite photo shoot friends (photos by Lisa Warninger) a few years back, and now this sweet cottage is for sale! Check out the listing here. I loved staying in this sweet place. Enjoy a visual tour of the house and nearby beaches, below:
girl beach

green kitchen

beach cottage
girl beach
Photos:Lisa Warninger. Original post here.

Cooking for One: Summertime Peaches


I’ll be re-sharing some of my favorite summertime posts while I get settled after a week of travel and photo shoots. It was great to be back on set after a year (shooting at the Oregon Coast for Anna Joyce as well as a new flower class) but I am glad to be back in the countryside, enjoying a slow pace for a bit, catching up on work, and getting ready to move. This summertime peach dish is one of my favorite things to eat this time of year.

peaches creme fraiche

How to eat summer peaches:

Slice organic peaches into a bowl.
Top with a dollop of creme fraiche.
Sprinkle a bit of fresh thyme on top.
Sit under a tree in the shade and eat slowly by yourself.

Enjoy! Type to you soon!

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How to Make Flavoured Creme Fraiche



Photos: Chelsea Fuss, taken in Portland.

Ideas for the 4th of July!



Here are a few of our favorite 4th of July recipes, table setting ideas, and travel ideas from the Frolic! archives. Enjoy!

Make a Menu + Place Cards

How to Style a Picnic Table

how to style a picnic table



Make a Strawberry Cake!

Summertime Tarts with Currents

4th of july name tags


Make a Summer Wildflower Bouquet

Roasted Roasted Tomato + Jalapeno Ketchup

homemade fries


A Visit to Oysterville

A Photo Shoot on Long Beach

Old Faithful Cottage

Photos: 1,4 by Lisa Warninger and 2 by Chelsea Fuss. 3 by Annemarie Buckley.

Favorite Frolic! Sources: Famille Summerbelle

circus tea towel


Today I am thrilled to share a few of my favorite products from a super lovely family company in the Netherlands, Famille Summerbelle. Sourcing most everything locally, founder, Julie Marabelle, designs all the products from sustainable materials. Above, these circus-inspired tea towels are made from 100% cotton. I think they’d make great wall hangings in a children’s room or a kitchen as well and I just adore the bold design.

Famille Summerbelle Paumes


I am such a big fan of the Japanese, Paumes publisher and this book is no exception. Step inside the Summerbelle’s family home and see what inspires them. enjoy take away ideas for living, decorating, and crafting.

paper house boxes


These little paper boxes are a great storage solution while adding an element of surprise to any room!

London Map Notebooks


I can never have enough blank books! These London map books feature hand-cut illustrations designed by Famille Summerbelle

Browse the site for more inspiring products and ideas and enjoy free worldwide shipping! Stay in touch with Famille Summerbelle through these social media links below:





Photos and products by Famille Summerbelle. This post is sponsored by Famille Summerbelle.

My Top Three Flower-Grammers!

top 3 flower grammers

I love going to Instagram to get inspired, chat with friends, and see what people around the world are doing. Of course, I love the flower-grammers, of which there are many! Currently I have three that are super inspiring to me because of they are perhaps a bit under the radar and gramming in a fun, friendly, out-of-the-box way! Since I spend a lot of time on social media, I tend to be drawn to accounts that are not too serious, offer something new or interesting as far as design, and make me feel happy when I visit.

Eliza Gran: I’ve followed this former New Yorker for years (lots of posts here and her old house here). I was always a fan of her children’s clothing line and now her new life in Venice, California, has me intrigued. Eliza shares her adorable pom pom baskets with her children as models hanging out under bougainvillea vines, snaps of her super cool home which features patterns on pattern and lots of pink, farmer’s market finds, as well as her inspirations in midcentury design, artists studios, Mexico, and more. Of course she makes killer flower arrangements which hang out in the most charming vignettes in her home filled with Mexican textiles, midcentury rattan furniture, and stacks of art books. I hope it’s ok, Eliza, but your Instagram is the inspiration for my new apartment! Visit and and follow here.

Fieldwork Flowers: I am always watching florists as I spent over 10 years working as a floral designer. My top favorite at the moment is Fieldwork Flowers in Portland (you must visit her Moody Ave. shop in SW Portland!). Megan, has been on the floral scene in Portland for years and years and is one of the hardest working florists I know. A few years ago she paired up with a business partner who has a background in the fashion industry, and the two of them together make absolute magic. Her branding and style is fresh, fun, not too serious, and never twee (hard to do with flowers!). I love the slightly punk vibe. The best part, Megan always uses local flowers and has amazing relationship with farmers so she’s finding the freshest, local stems. I love this modern approach to flowers. For years we’ve seen these fussy, vintage and baroque trends in flower arranging, which are amazing as well but for me, this not-too-serious modern approach is the most interesting to me at the moment. I especially love how Megan experiments with large-scale arrangements. Visit and follow here.  (see two previous features on Megan here and here!)

Fir and Flora: “Amateur Botanist”, Jen, is a personal friend and a flower kindred spirit. I’ve been to her house for tea and violet crumbles with violet jam. It was like visiting Mrs .Honey’s cottage in Matilda. Her off-beat, grow as you will, cottage garden is IT! She once gave me a tour, showing me which weeds I could eat. Any gardener who leaves weeds in their garden for salad, is a friend of mine! When I was away, Jen sent me a hand-illustrated flower card of all the latest blooms in Portland. Her photos are simply stunning with still lives of stems on her cottage kitchen table, unfussy garden arrangements, and violet obsessed grams ( a winner with me since it’s my favorite flower!) Visit and follow here.

Photos: 1,2,4: Eliza Gran. 3,6,8: Fir and Flora. 5,7,9: Fieldwork Flowers.

Lisbon Studio Tours: The Tema Sisters

Tema Clothing Lisbon

While in Lisbon, I wandered into some charming little artist studios and had the chance to photograph them for an upcoming travel story. I wanted to share a few of the outtakes here. One of the studios is a restored grocery, Rés do Chao, that is a working/retail co-op of six different designers. I’ll be featuring a few of them here but today I wanted to share the Tema Sisters, a clothing brand developed by Teresa and Madalena. These two sisters design this fresh, young line of handmade clothing. I love the simple but unconventional styles and fits.

grey romper

They launch limited-edition lines seasonally and when I visited were selling these adorable rompers.

tema sisters

I love the fit of these easy rompers, the girls were kind enough to model for me. Take a look at their newest botanical collection for summer. I think it’s super sweet!

Lisbon Studio

Here’s their upstairs studio where they design and plan their newest collections.

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Happy Midsummer!

strawberry cake

Happy Midsummer Weekend! I usually try to celebrate no matter where I am. One year some friends and I went to a local celebration put on by Portland’s Scandinavian heritage association. Above, I decorated a cake inspired by the strawberry cakes I saw in Sweden for midsummer.

midsummer sweden

I’ll be traveling this weekend to see family so I probably won’t be doing a big celebration this year. These photos are from a few years ago when I went to the festivities at Skansen in Stockholm (more pics here too!).

midsummer skansen

Another favorite was here at home in the Columbia River Gorge, celebrating at Wildcraft with friends. What will you be doing this weekend?

Photos by Chelsea Fuss.

Introducing: Instagram Travel Guides!

lisbon travel guide

I am getting a few requests for travel info for some of the cities I’ve been wandering to this past year, so in addition to the guides I create here on the blog, I’ve created Instagram travel guides for super quick searches of places I love and recommend! Just type in the hashtag to see the cities all together. Each photos will have information on the location tag or in the caption. Here are the hashtags:





Thanks to the locals and readers who often point me the direction to wander when I land in a city. You can see some more detailed travel guides here on the blog:

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Happy Travels!