Making a Temporary Home

A few years ago, I had Rita Konig on the blog for a week to share short tidbits of decorating advice. The two ideas that stuck with me the most were: “The wall colour and the curtains are simply the canvas on which to build the rest of the room, the decoration comes as much from the things in a room rather than from the items that we traditionally think of as the ‘decoration’.” and “It doesn’t necessarily follow that if everything in the room is beautiful you end up with a beautiful room. I think the best rooms are those that have a mix of things and an ugly lamp with a crooked shade, or an inherited table or the rug from your childhood bedroom. These are the things that add texture and life to a room.”
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Easy Ensembles

I am crazy about having a functional uniform everyday! I love to wear color (it always lifts my mood!) but I love a super functional, basic uniform that I feel comfortable and good in. Insert these baggy ensembles and super comfortable shoes! I´ve been thinking about getting a pair of Blundstone and some vintage workshirts for a work uniform like this. Do you have a uniform that is chic but functional that makes you feel good?
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A Spring Tabletop with Made Modern

Today we are pleased to share some spring tabletop inspiration with a new favorite company, Made Modern, an online boutique from the UK offering a sublime range of modern home accessories. We´ve paired their super sleek candlestick with this sugar holder (used as a vase) with foraged spirea and lemons. Making a tabletop special doesn´t have to mean being extravagant. Just pulling together a few fresh, modern items on a vintage linen table cloth with foraged spring blossoms and fruit can make an everyday meal beautiful. Or, just leave the arrangement as a beautiful still life in your home, to brighten up your comings and goings!
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Spring Desktop Inspiration with Tokketok

Freshen up your desktop for spring to make everyday at work a little brighter! Here are some images I styled for the imaginative stationery brand, Tokketok, which is always so much fun! All images by Lisa Warninger. Check out more Tokketok products, here. And read below for tips to brighten up your work desk for spring!
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