Introducing: Wood Fiber Clay

I am pleased to introduce a new shop today, out of the Napa Valley, owners Kelley and Lisa, niece and aunt, have combined their interior, floral, and business backgrounds to create a special new shop and studio with thoughtfully made, fair-trade products and exclusive collaborations with local craftspeople. Kelley says, “Our makers are a mix of friends, creatives we admire, and suppliers with a like-minded focus on sustainability and responsible production.” Today I am sharing a few of my favorite products from Wood Fiber Clay, that offer beauty and function for any home.
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Lisbon Travel Guide

lisbon travel guide
I first fell in love with Lisbon in February of 2015 and after traveling back and forth for a few months, officially moved here in September of the same year. Why Lisbon, people ask? I answered that here, but in short, the unpretentious people, the seasonally focused food, the sunshine, and the extremely laid back energy. Lisbon is at times a bit raw, on the rise from a recession, still stuck in the past, but also full of new and interesting places and people.

Included here are just a few of my favorite stops for food, art, gardens, and shopping, that I have visited myself over and over again. Some will be obvious, while others are secrets I am hesitant to share! I am in the process of working on a more comprehensive guide and more in depth posts as well, but for now, here are the places I love to share with visitors.
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On Our Bookshelf: Comestible Quarterly

comestible quarterly food
Anna Brones, a Swedish American, Paris expat, and fellow Northwest girl, writes the loveliest books (you can see them here). Her projects focus on coffee breaks, bicycling, good food, and living intentionally, but Anna´s approach to these subjects is timeless and lacking the preciousness that is often so common with these topics. She wrote one of my favorite books about Fika. Her latest project is a charming little zine, Comestible, focusing on food! And as much as I love making and viewing food photography, she´s left that out of the magazine, and it creates a quiet, and instantly refreshing publication focusing on interesting but accessible food.
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Shop Visit: The Golden Rabbit

I´ve mentioned the lovely new garden shop, The Golden Rabbit, who is a sponsor here on Frolic!, but just because I adore their shop (and I am crazy for a good garden shop!), I wanted to share a few photos of the interior. Luckily, they have an online shop, but if you find yourself in Dusseldorf, Germany, be sure to stop by!
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