Winter in Lisbon

tulips citrus

Citrus, and tulips, and marigolds, and citrus! We still have our bare trees, and short days, and cold wind, but there’s certainly a lot to love about a Mediterranean style winter.

How to Change Your Life

I have a tough time describing to people exactly what I do for a living and where I live and why so I end up in a lot of conversations online and offline about jobs, and life, and travel and dreams. I love hearing dreams! I also know a lot of us have the tendency to talk about change and never do anything about it (myself included!). I am probably one of the worst at that but once in a while I make some big dreams happen and people ask a lot about it. If you think something like a new career working with flowers or styling or a trip around the world is something you dream of, here are some tips and insights, based on my own experience, and own haphazard ways of doing things.

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Lisbon City Gardens

garden lisbon bouganvillia
The rarity of green in the city makes each sighting of a Lisbon city garden more special. In Lisbon, I see tiny apartment gardens literally made from trash and cuttings, little balconies overflowing with monotype gardens or explosions of texture, and stuffed little patios. While we have plenty of rainy, cold days, bare, deciduous trees, and cold nights, even through the winter you will find pockets of bougainvillea, roses, orange and lemon trees, and rosemary. These photos were taken about a month ago, while the jacarandas were still in their second blooming of the year and gracing the city with their presence! Many gardens are hidden behind walls or fences so I can only peer at an explosion of vines overflowing the walls.

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Happy Christmas!

frolic christmas

Thank you for reading Frolic! this year! I started this blog ten years ago this month and feel so grateful for the people I’ve met through it and the creative platform it’s provided. Wishing you all a beautiful holiday!! I’ll be celebrating here in Lisbon with my brother who flew over from Moscow this week. Family reunions are sweeter when they are few and far between and I am feeling very grateful this year.

P.S. Here are a few of our favorite holiday posts, maybe you’ll find something helpful if you are last-minute like me!

Happy Christmas!!

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