Pink Garden Roses + Poppies

pink flower arrangement france

I’d been eyeing all the pink noisette roses in the garden and wanted to make a pink arrangement before the blossoms go to the compost. So, this afternoon while listening to Ben Folds and Broken Social Scene (I love listening to my own music in a foreign place, so comforting!), I made this in a ceramic pitcher that was lying about. The roses smell so good!




Of course a favorite part of being on a farm, is harvesting all the amazing vegetables. Above, beets and below, fava beans. Does anyone have some good beet recipes? Today I made a cold salad with fresh dill (also just picked), yogurt, and chevre. It was really good!

fava bean harvest france

fava bean

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.

Weekend Bike Ride in Brittany

bike ride brittany france

Last weekend was packed full of fun parties and a long, bike ride through the countryside. I got quite lost and happened upon sunflower fields, a tiny church in the middle of a corn field, and some super sweet little villages.

sunflowers france

I love all the bicycle roads here, though sadly not many people seem to ride out here. I had such a great day pushing myself! When you are lost you have no choice but to keep on riding up the hills and to keep on going even when you feel like you are going to pass out. I always love how I see things on a bike. Totally different than in a car or even walking.

Tiny Church in Brittany, France

Photos by Chelsea Fuss.