In the Garden with The Golden Rabbit

3 garden
In celebration of spring and gardening, today we are partnering with Golden Rabbit, a brand new, concept garden store in Germany. Their heirloom quality tools and workwear are the perfect excuse to freshen up your tool shed for springtime! I love the idea of keeping these coveralls in the mudroom or back porch to just throw on when you go out into the garden. I am one of those gardeners that tends to get super dirty. Maybe that’s why I love gardening, as it’s an excuse to play in the dirt! Enjoy this visual journey through some of Portugal´s hidden gardens and some inspiration for dressing for gardening. You might also enjoy this podcast from Alys Fowler about fashion for gardeners. Happy Spring Gardening!
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On Our Bookshelf: Oh Comely

oh comely
The great thing about the recent surge of independent publishing is you can really pick and choose a magazine that speaks to you. One of my all-time favorites is London-based Oh Comely. Stories and interviews about women of all ages and backgrounds get tossed together with girly, exquisitely styled and photographed fashion editorials. From the writing to the photography, I am usually super pleased I succumbed to the irresistible cover at the newsstand. The most recent issue (issue #30), is all about sisters. Having three sisters, of course I had to get the magazine and I think the fashion editorial is so brilliant. I love the mix of photography with embroidery. Beinta a photographer from the Faroe Islands is responsible for the gorgeous photos and the incredible embroidery is by Julia Petronella Reinert Hansen. Check it out.
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Why I Rarely Research Before Traveling

chelsea fuss
Through talking with other travelers and living on the road myself, I’ve realized something that might seem obvious in theory, but a little more out of reach in practice. The most exciting part of travel is discovery. It´s that feeling of awe. Of being overcome with beauty after seeing something for the very first time, a new part of the world, and most importantly something completely unexpected.

Of course you don’t have to travel to experience awe, but I think mentioning this in the context of travel is interesting. Last year I read this article in the NYT by By Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner (a short and sweet, must-read!) about why we experience awe, and how important it is to feel this emotion regularly. A few excerpts I loved:

We humans, by contrast, can get goose bumps when we experience awe, that often-positive feeling of being in the presence of something vast that transcends our understanding of the world.

Our research finds that even brief experiences of awe, such as being amid beautiful tall trees, lead people to feel less narcissistic and entitled and more attuned to the common humanity people share with one another.

Of course I think you can experience awe just through the tiniest things. I am someone that becomes excited by the most random things, like this funny article at The Onion about a couple verbalizing everything they see at the farmers market! Hahaha! I´ll become completely beside myself over things like: beautiful laundry waving in the wind, a granny’s lovely face as I am out for my morning walk, the way a cup of tea is presented, flowery weeds poking up in the sidewalk. I’ve found my most awe-inspiring moments in travel come through these small finds, and through the unexpected. And that´s where this idea of no research comes in.
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Flower Seller in Porto

flower seller
I spent the weekend in Porto, after (sadly!) some American friends from home had to cancel their trip last minute and were left with a non-refundable reservation for a little roadtrip we were going to take together. I had never been to Porto and it was so interesting to go after living in Lisbon and being able to note the big contrasts between the two cities. I spent a rain-drenched weekend exploring. Porto has more flower shops than Lisbon. In Portugal, much of the cut flower culture seems to be based around the tradition of bringing flowers to the graves of loved ones. Many of the flower shops are located close to the cemeteries in the city and are quite untouched by time. I bought some calla lilies from this flower seller on the street and she was kind enough to let me take her photo. I wish I had gotten her name, but she was incredibly warm, with a very happy disposition.
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